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Our next Zoom Meeting will be held this coming Monday evening, January 10, 2022 at 6:30 pm.  Rose Calkins will send our members emails containing the Zoom link and information on how to use it.  If you would like the opinion of other writers about a story of yours, please have it in a four page document and open it on your desktop.  It is helpful if you open the document before logging into the meeting, that way it is easier for you to share a view of your document with the active members.   

We are into a new year.  In this new year we will publish a new Possibilities Journal.  The theme for this year is “Adventure.”  If you are an active participant with paid membership you are encouraged to submit your pieces in an email to Rose Calkins.  Each piece should be one to four pages, double spaced.  Please submit no more than three pieces.


Due to Health Concerns the DuPage Writers Group will not be holding any in person  meetings until further notice.


Due To Health Concerns  the Bartlett Public Library is not hosting any public meetings.  If they begin hosting again our meetings will be as follows.  I will update this website when I get the news.

Bartlett Public Library
800 South Bartlett Road
Bartlett, Illinois

Future Meetings:

none as of this time.

We also used to hold meetings at The Carol Stream Public Library at 616 Hiawatha Drive, Carol Stream, Illinois 60188.  When the Carol Stream Library was currently undergoing renovations, we temporarily switched to using the Bartlett Public Library.  We are also currently not holding in person meetings at the Carol Stream Public Library due to health concerns.

When our meetings resume, we encourage you to participate by bringing in ten typewritten copies of a one to three page excerpt of your current work. You will then be asked read aloud your writing to our group. The rest of us will write critiques that include encouragements, comments, and suggestions on those copies. We then share our thoughts about what you had written. I myself find it helpful to hear and later refer to what other people have thought about something I am working on. I find it a way I can grow with my writing.

During our meetings we also like to take five to ten minutes to act on a Writing Prompt. That writing prompt might be one, two, or three statements, emotions, or spoken objects that you will react to on the spur of the moment and pen a short piece using or inspired by the spoken prompt. We then go around the room and read what we had written.
Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop.  Annual Memberships are available ($30) for those that wish to attend on a regular basis.


DuPage Writers Group is a vibrant non-profit writing group that meets monthly to nurture the potential of writers at all levels. We are dedicated to encouraging each writers creative voice in a welcome and constructive atmosphere.

DuPage Writers Group also produces the journal POSSIBILITIES on an annual basis.  Submissions are accepted with a paid membership and is an established outlet for new and established writers to publish their latest work. A free copy of the journal is included with an annual membership ($30).

We have not yet made public what the 2022 Possibilities Journal, volume 17’s theme is.


Submissions will be open to DuPage Writers Group members who have paid their annual membership fee.  Please wait to submit your works for our journal until we announce this year’s Journal theme.  Then, please submit your Journal work to  For submitting to the journal and for paying your membership fees please contact Rose Calkins.

The DuPage Writers Group publishes the Possibilities Journal each year. Our members are proud of the work they have put in on these pieces of prose, poetry, reality and their accompanying art work. The most recent volume (for 2019) is available to the public for $12.00. Previous volumes (that are on hand) are available for $5.00. Please contact Rose Calkins at:

if you want to purchase a copy

The DuPage Writers Group is proud to announce the second volume of our Veterans Journal:Honoring Our Veterans-Sharing Their Stories”. This journal contains the stories of military veterans from recent wars. The stories were written by various veterans themselves, their families, and their friends.  These accounts are based on interviews and remembrance.  Photos, poems, and drawings have been accepted to show that we honor these veterans’ lives, their contributions, and their healing and recovery process.  Please visit our link at Veterans’ Journal 2019


Schedule of Events: 

2021 DuPage Writers Group Workshop/Meeting Calendar:

We will be announcing when and where in person events will be held .

Writers Workshop – Meeting Guidelines:

Meeting Guidlines 022715

The DuPage Writers Group holds the copyright to all material on this website.


Copyright © 2021 by the DuPage Writers Group, NFP

ISBN: 978-0-9962937-7-8

The DuPage Writers Group

First Printing, May 2021

Cover Design Carol J. Neumann Front Cover Art © Emily Lewis

Back Cover Art © Joshua “Lakey” Hinson

Welcome to the sixteenth volume of Possibilities, an annual literary journal published by the DuPage Writers Group, NFP. The DuPage Writers Group is a vibrant, not- for-profit writing group which meets to nurture the potential of writers at all levels. We are dedicated to encouraging the creative voice in each person by bringing out the positive spirit and producing edifying writing to be shared with others. The group was formed in 2004 by writers Carol Neumann and Rose Calkins who met while taking writing classes at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Meetings are held at the Bartlett Public Library and the Carol Stream Public Library. This literary journal is published to honor our members’ work by sharing it with our communities. We do not welcome gratuitous violence, language, and sexual content. I would like to give special thanks to the Bartlett Public Library and the Carol Stream Public Library for their continuing support.

We celebrate the works of our members by sharing their stories, poems, photography, and art work. This year, we focus on the theme of “pets,” which takes on many forms, including an excerpt from J. Horton Palmer’s second book about Maui Mutt, illustrated by Natalie Totire Brinley and many poems and stories about the dogs, cats, birds, lizards, frogs, snakes, and fish we love, and how we coped with this tough year of the Pandemic.

Carol J. Neumann Editor

Thank you Carol Neumann, DWG Editor for the time and care designing, laying out, and compiling another wonderful literary journal! Special thanks to

Aaron Levitz for the time and care invested in editing this year’s journal!

Thank you Dennis Bartizal for the website and all you do for DWG!

      Thank you to the following wonderful writers, artists, and photographers who have shared their works in this year’s “Possibilities” journal! A gift copy will be sent to you! ❤️

To purchase a journal—

You can Vemo @Rose-Calkins

They are $12, plus $3 shipping and handling!

Thank you! 🖋

Dennis Bartizal

Natalia Toreeva

Gail Tanzer

Cheryl Price

Nadia Ianakieva

Rachel Delgado

James H. Palmer

Carole Ellermeier

Terri Belz

Good Canyon Lightning

Maureen Weekes

Annette Arnold

Susan Wells

Dr. Jamisene Mitchell

Grant Bell

Tony Calkins

Natalie Totire Brinley

Lynn Zuk-Lloyd

Jaime Lee A. Frank

Ruth La Sure

Christine Seagrave

Dave Langdon

Ixchel Le Baron

Rachelle Ballesteros

Emily Lewis

Janaye Colton

Helen Astar

Saturday and Sunday, Sept 11 and 12 there was the Chicago’s Printer’s Row Lit Fest!      

The DuPage Writers Group, NFP was there!

We have been a part of this great free outdoor literary festival for 15 years!  This year it was held at the Chicago Writers Association TENT V on Dearborn near 637 Grace Place, just North of Polk. Visitors purchased the 2021 “Possibilities” lit journal, and enjoyed the works of some awesome writers!

Click the link below to find out more!

Printers Row Lit Fest

7 responses to “Meet the DuPage Writers Group

  1. Dennis Bartizal

    Please feel free to post a question or a comment here.
    We will address them as soon as possible.
    The DuPage Writers Group

    • Rghinkle

      When are the possibilities “gardening” articles being published?

      • dupagewriters

        Rghinkle, We presented the 2019 Possibilities Journal at our meeting at the Bartlett Public Library on May 21, 2019. That Journal has a “gardening” theme in honor of one of our first members, Michele Bowers. The Journal is available for $12.00. Please contact Rose Calkins at if you are interested. Thanks. Dennis Bartizal

  2. Feel free to visit Writer’s Info Blog for inspiration, motivation and tips from writer Marcella S. Meeks

  3. Hello DuPage Writers, my name is Marcy and I am the Secretary of the Friends of the Bloomingdale Public Library. Recently, we’ve begun to host poetry night/open mic nights at the Bloomingdale Public Library. Our hope is to provide a welcoming and open atmosphere for local people to read, share, perform, and learn about poetry or writing works. We’d love to extend an open invitation to your writing to join us. Our next night is scheduled for April 21st from 7:00-8:00pm.

    Our open mic night is very new so we are really excited to see it flourish. Beyond April, we have another one scheduled for Tuesday, June 16th; Tuesday, August 25th; and Tuesday, October 20th (7-8pm). We are open to getting feedback and recommendations for our program.

    Please feel free to reach out to me or the other officers by emailing

  4. James

    Dear D W G,
    Please let me know when meetings resume. I live in Carol Stream and am interested in attending some future meetings to see if I am a match your membership. Interested in Sea, Aviation and Space Fiction. Recently retired from my job, now have too much time and am looking to further my writing.
    Thank you,
    James Harper
    473 Yardley Drive
    Carol Steam IL 60188
    Tel: 630.709.2100

  5. Jim Lescher

    Wondering if you are still functioning as a group. I’d be interested in attending a meeting if available. I’m getting ready to retire and would like to remain active.

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