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Congratulations to NATALIA TOREEVA

On February 11, 2020 she published her newest children’s book, “Four-legged Friends in the Bark Park”  It is available on  AMAZON

Everyone can be bullied. Even dogs!

Max the dog is very smart, but Max has anxiety because he’s being bullied. It all started at the local dog park when Max was attending training classes. Other dogs bullied poor Max, but his friends Helen and Greg helped him get through it and put a stop to Max’s anxiety.

Children will learn from reading Four-Legged Friends in the Bark Parkthat being nervous has nothing to do with how smart someone is. Whether it’s dogs or humans, bullying is a bad thing.

It’s been said that “Strong people stand up for themselves. But the strongest people stand up for others.”

DuPage Writers | Encouraging Writers Through Community

Dennis Bartizal  is proud to announce that on July 19, 2020 he published his first children’s  book.  It is titled Why Did The Turtle Cross The Road and his target audience is children seven through twelve years old.  It is fiction with thoughts and cares about nature and friendships.  His book is available in both paperback and kindle formats at  amazon He hopes you enjoy it.

Dennis Bartizal is proud to announce publishing a collection of his High School stories

               I went to high school in the 60’s and 70’s.  When growing up I had a closer affinity to animals and machines.  It is not that I disliked people.  I did not know how to communicate with people.  When I was a child, I had pets and I played the accordion and the saxophone.  I’ve always enjoyed reading and I enjoyed watching plays.  Along with essays for my English classes and the writing I did for my school newspaper I also wrote stories and poems and tried to write plays.  I feel that my English teachers taught me a way to communicate with people.  I also feel that the columns I wrote for my high school newspaper were like attending gym class, I exercised certain ways how to communicate with people.  I noticed our government, country wide protests and cares our society expressed.  Richard Nixon, Mayor Daley, Vietnam Protests, Racial Injustice.  I wrote my interpretation of what I noticed.  And I know I did not notice it all.

C.J. Neumann is proud to announce the publishing of her book

Indelible Memories: Of the incidents that created the person I am today

September 17, 2020

From Bare Naked Beginnings on a farm in northwestern Wisconsin in the 1940’s to Revelations poolside at a condominium in a resort community on Geneva Lake, Indelible Memories highlights the incidents that created the person Carol Neumann became. Often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking but never boring, this series of short vignettes covers those moments in life when she gained important understandings about life as she observed what was going on around her.  

Gail Tanzar writes historical fictions. She researches various artists from times past and writes books to give us an understanding of the lives and events in the lives of these artists.

gail tanzer – Historic Fiction

Nadia Ianakieva writes how God and her personal history makes her an encouraging person. Her journey took an interesting path. She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and became a Christian inspirational writer in America.

Natalie Totire Brinely has several books available inspired by her religion and with children’s welfare in mind.

Some of the artistic efforts of Rose Calkins. Rose is one of our founders. Among other things she has written and published children’s book including Grammie Is My Favorite Ice Cream and Good Can Come From There. Please view her website, intended on assisting the artistic community,

Sue Wells has recently published her awaited

Secret Lives

A young West Chicago woman is missing.

Veteran Detective Waller and her new partner discover the dark sides of suspects intertwined in the life of this

missing Chicago suburban woman.

Does every beating heart keep a secret in this mystery?

Sue Wells debut adult mystery, “Secret Lives” is available

through Ingram Book Company, and at online retailers such

as and Barnes &