Alternate Endings and Choosing the Best Ending

By Britney Pieta

Many movies have special features with alternate endings or other scenes that might have changed how the story would have happened if they included those scenes in them. Choosing the ending is very important and difficult for a writer, because there are so many different endings or approaches you could take. Many movies leave things unfinished or have endings that were not dramatic enough and leave the audience feeling unsatisfied. Here are some of my thoughts on choosing the best ending for your story.
1. Think about if all of the major issues the characters were facing are resolved for the most part.
2. Think about your overall message of the story and how the ending might finalize some of the last remaining points you are trying to get across to your audience.
3. Ask yourself if your ending leaves too many questions unanswered. Remember that a little bit of unanswered questions is good because it encourages a discussion going in your audience and helps them decide what your story ultimately means to them.
4. Ask yourself if your story’s ending is exciting, emotionally stirring, or captures the audience’s attention in a big way. This makes your story memorable.
5. Ask yourself if you do want your story to continue on to a different book or a screenplay and how you might be able to engage the audience to want to read or see more of your story.


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