Local Authors

This page will be updated in the near future 

Links to local authors:

Fifty Shades of Hay

Natalie Totire – Author and Illustrator of Children’s books

Ann Babiarz – Author of The Graveyard Gambit.

Dr. Bakul Banerjee – Author of “Synchronicity: Poems”

Charlene Baumbich – Author, speaker, and humorist.

Luisa Buehler – Author of the Chicago-based Grace Marsden Mysteries

Mary and Rich Chamberlin . Authors of Children’s books: Mama Panya ‘s Pancakes. 

Father Sunny Castillo – Poet and Author of The Whistle of the Boatman and Plant Me on the River.

Mark Donovan – Author of 7 Brides for 2 Brothers.

Joe Dubowski – Author of Cartwheels in the Rain

Scott R. Etters – Author of the Dropas Trilogy

Beth Finke – Author, teacher and NPR journalist.

Marise Fleurisca – Author of Wish You Were Here and Jilted.

Brett Foster – Poet and English Professor at Wheaton College.

Jimmy Gordon – Author of  Caribbean Calling

Earl Gorman – Author of Fire Mission – a Marine’s Memoir of the Vietnam War.

Richard Keyworth – Author of Fires… Accidental or Arson?

Carol LaChapelle – Author of Finding Your Voice Telling Your Stories

Tom Lambke – Author of Spirit, Courage and Resolve.

Laura Mazucca-Toops – Author of Hudson Lake

Nicole Mazzarella – Author of This Heavy Silence

Illona Meagher – Author of Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America’s Returning Troops.

Anita and Jordan Miller – Author and publisher, Academy Chicago Publishers.

Tom Montgomery-Fate – Author of Steady and Trembling – Professor of English at College of DuPage

Helen Macie Osterman – Author of The Emma Winberry Mysteries

Lisa Rosenthal – Principal Artist of the Vet Art Project.

Jack Schmidt – Author of Toby and the Princess.

Todd Stone – Author of Novelist’s Boot Camp

Natalia G. Toreeva – Author and Illustrator of 4 Children’s books. They are: Lucy the Chicken and Her Friends (2010), Greg and the Sea Monster (2011), The Battle on the Kalinov-bridge (2012), and Four-Legged Friends in the Bark Park (2020).

  • Her Children’s books are in the collection of the Carol Stream Public library, Glen Ellyn and Wheaton libraries.
  • Her artwork is in the State Museum “Tsarskoselskaya Collection” in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Diaghilev Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Spertus Museum, Chicago and in the Washington Museum of Russian Poetry and Music, USA.
  • The book “Венок русским поэтам” (2019) (in English: “Venok russkim poetam” or “Wreath for Russian poets”), where Natalia contributed with the Front and Back Covers and her drawings of 15 Russian poets. The books are in the libraries of the Notre Dame University (IN) and Princeton University (NJ), USA.

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