Meet the DuPage Writers Group


January 7, 2019

Monday Evening
6:30 to 8:30 pm

Carol Stream Library
616 Hiawatha Drive
Carol Stream, Illinois

If you would like to attend our meetings we encourage you to participate by bringing in ten typewritten copies of a one to three page excerpt of your current work. You will then be asked read aloud your writing to our group. The rest of us will write critiques that include encouragements, comments, and suggestions on those copies. We then share our thoughts about what you had written. I myself find it helpful to hear and later refer to what other people have thought about something I am working on. I find it a way I can grow with my writing.

During our meetings we also like to take five to ten minutes to act on a Writing Prompt. That writing prompt might be one, two, or three statements, emotions, or spoken objects that you will react to on the spur of the moment and pen a short piece using or inspired by the spoken prompt. We then go around the room and read what we had written.
Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop.  Annual Memberships are available ($30) for those that wish to attend on a regular basis.


DuPage Writers Group is a vibrant non-profit writing group that meets monthly to nurture the potential of writers at all levels. We are dedicated to encouraging each writers creative voice in a welcome and constructive atmosphere.

DuPage Writers Group also produces the journal POSSIBILITIES on an annual basis.  Submissions are accepted with a paid membership and is an established outlet for new and established writers to publish their latest work. A free copy of the journal is included with an annual membership ($30).

The DuPage Writers Group publishes the Possibilities Journal each year. Our members are proud of the work they have put in on these pieces of prose, poetry, reality and their accompanying art work. The most recent volume (for 2018) is available to the public for $12.00. Previous volumes (that are on hand) are available for $5.00. Please contact Rose Calkins at:

if you want to purchase a copy


We are gathering stories for a second volume of our Veterans Journal “Honoring Our Veterans-Sharing Their Stories”. The journal will contain the stories of military veterans from recent wars. They can be written by the veterans, their family or an account based on an interview. Photos, poems, and drawings are accepted and will honor the veterans lives, their contributions and the healing and recovery process. To submit stories, email our editor at

Schedule of Events: 

2019 DuPage Writers Group Workshop/Meeting Calendar:

The first three 2019 meetings of the DuPage Writers Group will be held at the Carol Stream Public Library, 616 Hiawatha Drive, Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 at 6:30 pm through 8:30 pm.

Monday January 7th, 2019 – Writers Workshop

Tuesday February 12th, 2019 – Writers Workshop

Monday March 11th, 2019 – Writers Workshop

The Carol Stream Public Library will be doing some remodeling in the spring of 2019 so we will announce where and when the April, May and June meetings are once we settle our schedule.

Writers Workshop – Meeting Guidelines:

Meeting Guidlines 022715

For Group Details see our 2009 Bylaws of the DuPage Writers Group.

The DuPage Writers Group holds the copyright to all material on this website.

Contact :

pril 10th


23 responses to “Meet the DuPage Writers Group

  1. Ms. Orchard,

    My name is Tiffany and I’m interning with Revolution MacInnes! He told me to check out your blog, and I loved reading about what you do! Good luck with all of your endeavors, and I hope to come to one of your events sometime!

  2. Judy Stoddart

    Would it be possible to circulate the below message?

    I am working on a novel involving the day-to-day antics of an Independent Living facility.

    My request is for light-hearted true accounts among seniors, family members or staff, but will review any other unique situations that may apply. All names and facilities will be confidential.

    Your response can be in dialogue, a few sentences or longer; whereas I’ll piece together a story in my own words with your submissions.

    I will accept all correspondence via Attn: Judy Stoddart until April 30th.

    Please do not send as an attachment but paste in body of email. Subject line to read: Independent Living.

    When published, your acknowledgment will be granted with your permission.


    Sole Existence – The Montreal Review

    Field of Dreams – Prairie Journal and Prairie Writers

    The Old Woman on the Park Bench – Nashwaak Review

    Company’s Coming – Measured Moments

    Mother’s Way – Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith

    I was accepted for the 2015 Sheldon Oberman Mentorship Program (January 1st – June 15th, 2015). The picture book that was selected via a jury was Rosella’s Messy Room.

    I have just completed a 60,000 word manuscript titled Thirteen Ways to Meet a Woman, and a collection of poems titled Crossing the Tracks. Both have been submitted to publishers but the waiting game can be long before any written material is accepted.

    Formerly the Editorial Assistant for Style Manitoba magazine, I continue as a freelance writer.

    As for this latest project, I prefer not to self-publish. With that said, it’s the slow process of writing, editing, searching for an interested publisher and waiting…

    My husband and I will be in Orlando, Florida till April. We live in Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada. The setting of this particular novel will be North Dakota but that won’t restrict submissions from different parts of the country.

    On another note, the gist of this story was presented to Original Pictures. Producer, Kim Todd and Nicholas Hirst marketed the synopsis to television networks but it wasn’t picked up 😦

    Everyone has a story to tell.

    Judy Stoddart

  3. Hi fellow writers,
    I’m a former Daily Herald journalist, now a website writer for National Louis University. The university has a great opportunity for writers coming up Sat.July 16 and 23–Writers’ Week, featuring small-group workshops with famous authors. They include James Sherman, playwright with Second City and Victory Gardens; Rick Kogan of the Tribune and radio shows; Dawn Turner Trice, former Tribune columnist who had a recent writing fellowship at Harvard, and Fern Schemer Chapman, author of “Motherland,” a Barnes & Noble selection, and IATE Illinois Author of the Year. It’s a chance to really roll up your sleeves and work with these writers–and network–and the cost is minimal ($30 per session or $100 for all four, including lunch). Find more info here: Hope to see you there! NLU also has a Master of Science in Written Communication program, which sponsors Writers’ Week.

  4. Excuse me, that’s Fern Schumer Chapman. A pox on auto-correct!

  5. We are the Prairie Light Review, College of DuPage’s art and literary magazine. We are taking submissions of written and visual work until September 21st for our Fall 2016 issue. We accept work from anyone who resides in DuPage County, or COD students/faculty. You can see the online publication of our most recent issue at Also, you can learn more about the submission process at We can’t wait to see your work!

  6. The Prairie Light Review, COD’s art and literary magazine, is taking submissions of written and visual work until February 22, for consideration of publication in the Spring 2017 issue. We accept work from COD students/staff and residents of district 502. We are also unleashing a new comedy section to be featured in the upcoming issue. Learn more at We can’t wait to see your work!

  7. Dennis Bartizal

    I’ve been a member of the DuPage Writers Group for almost a year now. I enjoy the meetings and learn from the constructive criticisms I receive. I recently published a book of short stories. It is called “Kafka Can Wait.” It is available in both electronic and paperback formats. I published it on Amazon. Here is a link to it:
    I would appreciate it if I can post this link here. I would also appreciate any comments on my work.
    Thank You

  8. Dennis Bartizal

    Happy Fourth Of July everyone. I am proud to announce that I recently published a science fiction novella. It is called “Thrown In A New Dimension.” It is available at I am a member of the DuPage Writers Group and I thank them for encouraging me to write.

  9. Dennis Bartizal

    Summer is entering its final innings. The DuPage Writers Group should start meeting again. I thought I would share with you my new blog. You can get to it at:
    I would appreciate any comments you want to enter on it. How else does a writer learn how to write for the community. Thanks

    • Peggy Ross

      Dennis, I am Peggy Ross and have been attending the writers group at the Carol Stream Library for a year now. I’ve not heard anything about any further meetings and have contacted John Bagdonas with no reply, and have today called the library and they do not have anything on their schedule for this evening. Is the group still meeting? Where? When? Can’t seem to get anyone to get back to me….so I hope you will. Thanks in advance. Hope to see all soon. P.

      • Hi Peggy, Sorry I did not answer sooner. John moved and will not be handling the meetings. Rose told me that the meetings will be starting again in January, 2018, at the library. In the meantime, The National Novel Writing organization will be holding writing events at various libraries in November. Here is a link Hope to see you soon. Dennis

  10. Hello Everyone, I just want to let you know that I have published another Science Fiction novella. It is called “A Chance Of Mars.” It is about colonizing another planet and is in an Isaac Asimov style. It is available on Amazon. Thanks

  11. Hello Writers! Just thought I’d give you a heads up. On Wednesday, December 6, 2017 The Corner House in Lombard (100 West St. Charles Road) will be having an Open Mic Night. The entertainment starts at 7pm and lasts until 9pm. We are encouraged to participate. Sign up to read, sing, or other ways perform starts at 6:30pm. I enjoy this place and find them encouraging.

  12. Happy New Year. I published a new book of short stories to end the old year. It is called The Photon And The Dog — 2017 and it is available in paperback and Kindle formats through Amazon https:/
    I hope the writers’ group starts meeting again soon.

  13. Rich Keyworth

    I am looking for the DuPage Writers Group. I thought you were going to restart the group, I went to the Carol Stream Library tonight and there was no meeting tonight. I thought I had a message on my phone for to night. Apparently I was wrong. You can reach me at or 630_776-0284. Thank you.

  14. Hi, I thought I would let everyone know that I have a new book published. It is a Fantasy Novel with an ecological theme. It is called Sticking Your Neck Out. It is about man communicating with animals and both showing concerns for the world’s future. It is available on Amazon.
    Dennis Bartizal

  15. Of the party 18 big since, train only ask duty, horse and foot has many 600 cadre to be cancelled to plan to allow advocate government-owned qualification, defer relegation Jin Xian or punish to chase after duty.

  16. The DuPage Writers Group is planning on starting their Fall Meetings Monday, September 10, at the Carol Stream Library at 6:30 pm

  17. Andy Hannon

    Do you still exist?

  18. This is Dennis Bartizal
    I am proud to announce that I now have two of my books available at the Glen Ellyn Public Library

    400 Duane Street
    Glen Ellyn, Illinois

    Sticking Your Neck Out


    What On Earth

    please feel free to borrow them some time, then the library would know someone is reading what I write.


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