Christmas Wish Letter to Santa Prompt


By Britney Pieta

     This exercise is about letting out all of your deepest held thoughts about what you wish not only for yourself but for those around you to have this Christmas.

Here is my letter to Santa:

Dear Santa, I know there are some things that you can’t change in the world, but here are a few things I wanted to ask anyways. Maybe you even have enough influence to talk to the Big Guy upstairs. Most people are not as famous as you are. So here it goes… I wish for all those who are in need of love this season, to have people give them love in a miraculous way, and that no one will have to spend Christmas or New Years alone. I wish that you will help people remember the true meaning of What Christmas is about and help us carry that spirit beyond December 25th. Thank you for listening,

Your fan forever,


Now it’s your turn. Write out a letter to Santa about what you wish for yourself and the world to come to pass. You don’t need to mail this of course but it’s a way for you to reflect and keep your hope, joy, and faith alive as the New Year rolls in. That is what Christmas is all about.



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One response to “Christmas Wish Letter to Santa Prompt

  1. Dear Santa:

    I want to thank you for the incredible spirit of kindness and generosity you represent all over the world. You give amazing hope and tantalizing dreams to countless children and grown up children. You are truly wonderful.

    To have someone to believe in, whether younger or older is a magical thing. Santa, you embody this special quality and I am so glad you exiist.

    My wish is that you would grow your reputation and inspire more people to be just like you. I would like to see your helpers Double in Number, but not lose one whisker of authenticity. You see Santa, I always want YOU; the real thing, to be the one we think of when we open our surprise gifts. It is your spirit of giving, Santa that truly mesmerizes our hearts with joy and gladness.

    You must have love bursting from your heart Santa. I am so happy for you Santa, and I hope you can make my Big wish come true.

    Merry Christmas, Santa,

    Your loyal friend,

    Dennis James Deegan

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