Create Your Own Life’s Movie Prompt


By Britney Pieta
This is a prompt exercise about creating your own life’s movie. It is designed to help you think about yourself personally and how you can translate what you see in movies into reality. Who said that fairy tales can’t come true or that you can’t have all that you want in life and more?
1. Genre:
Is my life’s movie mostly a comedy, romance story, action/adventure, fantasy, or horror (<–hopefully not this last one)
Or is my life a mixture or combination of certain genres? (Pick the ones that represent you the most.)
2. Setting:
Is my life’s movie held in the countryside, suburbs, or city?
Is it held in historical or modern time?
3. Characters:
Who are my loyal supporters and sidekicks who would be the main characters with me in my movie?
Who are the people, situations, or forces of nature that would be my adversaries/greatest challenges that I defeat?
4. Soundtrack:
What songs would I play on my movie that relate to my overall themes or special moments in my life? (ex. Raindrops Falling on My Head, Pure Imagination, Walking on Sunshine)
5. Lessons/morals:
What lessons or morals sum up my life’s existence?
What are the lessons I have to learn over and over again until I finally accept them? (ex. honesty, love, kindness, patience)
Now put it all together and see what unfolds. Maybe you can even use it to help write your personal autobiography!

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