How to Add Depth and Richness to Your Life as a Writer

By Britney Pieta

“What goes in must come out.” The more relaxation time, knowledge, and self-reflection you allow yourself, the more fuel you give to your inner writer. In turn this leads to greater passion, beauty, and inspiration that will come pouring forth as it flows from your hands to the paper. Here are three ideas to help you add more depth and richness to your life as a writer.

1. Get some R & R time.

Go into your inner world whenever you are not doing needed in the outer world. As a writer your mind needs a break from the chaos and noise of the external world. You need time to develop your inner writing muscle. Some of the most beautiful insights are found when you are reflecting on memories or going off on fun adventures in your imagination.

2. Research.

Spend some time searching on Google any questions you have about the meaning of life, why things are the way they are, or any other intellectual or philosophical questions that you are wishing to learn about. By gaining more understanding and knowledge you will find your writing also begins to have more depth as you will be able to share your insights and add a new perspective that wasn’t there before.

3. Think out loud. (self-talk)

Some people will say if you talk to yourself it is a sign that you are mentally ill. However, that’s not always the case! Talking out loud after thinking about something helps you process what is happening around you and make sense of things. It also helps you focus your attention. Of course there are better times to do this. You can think out loud in the car, while you are at your house, while sitting in your backyard when no one is around.


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