Fill in the Blank Similes and Metaphors Exercise


By Britney Pieta

Do you know the difference between similes and metaphors? Do you actively use them in your writing? Here is a short exercise to help you think creatively and give you the chance to practice using them. Below are some fairly used examples. What new metaphors or similes can you create from them to give your writing more spice?


The light came in like a __________. (ex. flood)

Springtime after winter is like_______after________. (ex. rain after drought)

Comparing apples to oranges is like____________. (ex. comparing people to animals)

As wild as a___________. (ex. horse)

You are as pretty as___________. (ex. a flower)

Your skin is as soft/rough as_____________. (ex. silk/sand paper)

The cars headlights are as bright as___________. (ex. the sun)

An annoying laugh is as painful as____________. (ex. hyenas)

The weather is as moody as ___________. (ex. a girl)

The years go by as fast as____________. (ex. expired milk)



Beauty is__________. (ex. skin deep)

Angels dance on a_________. (ex. pin)

Green with___________. (ex. envy)

A light bulb went off in her/his___________. (ex. head)

Money grows on_____________. (ex. trees)

Read between the___________. (ex. lines)

My life is going up/down____________. (ex. hill)

I’m at a___________ (ex. crossroad)

Let your fingers do the__________. (ex. talking)

Fly like the_______ (ex. wind)



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2 responses to “Fill in the Blank Similes and Metaphors Exercise

  1. This exercise was as refreshing as a dip in a pool on a hot day. Thanks for sharing!

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