How to Build Your Characters

    By Britney Pieta

If you were to describe all the main characters in your story are you able to give a full picture of all the facets of that character so that a reader could identify with them? Would you be able to mold the character and give him/her life throughout your story from start to finish? Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to outline a specific character.
According to:
How to Build Your character’s Personality
1. If your character applied for a job, what would they put on the application?
2. What is your character’s religious background?
3. How does your character’s physical appearance affect his self-esteem?
4. What are some of your character’s mannerisms?
5. Is your character urban bred or country bred?
6. What is your character’s social or economic class?
7. How many family members are there and what birth order was she born in?
8. Where does she live?
9. What kind of work skills does she have and how does this affect her role in the story?
10. How is your character different from others and how does that affect the story?
11. Is your character married or single? Any children?
12. Any physical handicaps? Speech impediments?
13. What makes your character an outsider from the norm in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability?
14. In what ways is your character conflicted?
15. What is your character’s deepest secret?
16. Outline your major scenes and use index cards for each character.
17. Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that can happen to my character?
18. How can it get even worse?
19. Who is going to solve this problem? Your hero or heroine or a helper? (Preferably your protagonist will work out his own problem.)


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