Invent Your Own Cliches

Britney Pieta
Here is an exercise on creating your own unique clichés based on real phrases we use every day. So if you are tired of hearing the same old statements why not make your own and amuse your friends? Dare to be silly and start a new trend! If you know of a different cliche that you like better, go ahead and create your own beyond these examples. 😉
Directions: Use  a verb or adjective in the blank spots of the phrases  below .  (depending on what you think sounds better)


1.      It’s raining __ and___. (original: “It’s raining cats and dogs.”)



2.      An___a day keeps the__away. (original: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”)



3.      All that ___is not___. (original: “All that glitters is not gold.”)



4.      A___saved is a __   earned. (original: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”)



5.      I have a___in my ____    (original: “I have a frog in my throat.”)



6.      No___, no___. (original: “No pain, no gain.”)



7.      We’re not in____anymore. (original: “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”)



8.      The___less____ (original: “The road less traveled.”)



9.      Roll out the ___ ___. (original: “Roll out the red carpet.”)



10.  The__will come out___. (original: “The sun will come out tomorrow.”)

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