Writing Prompt Exercise: Self-Awareness

By Britney Pieta
Even if you are aware of who you are as a person, we as human beings learn something new literally everyday about ourselves and the world around us. Here is a psychological writing prompt for you to discover more about yourself. If you are a writer you may also realize that is just one identity you may have. The real YOU consists of many different roles, qualities, gifts, and talents. Try this out!

                                 First ask yourself: “What am I?” or “Who am I?”

List everything that comes off the top of your head.
Some questions I found while searching the web:
What are my skills?
What are my hobbies or things I do for fun?
What would I do all day if I had nothing else to do?
How would I describe my personality?
What are my best qualities? How can I make them stronger?
What are my worst qualities? How can I work on those things?
What are my life’s causes/passions?
What makes me the most happy and alive?
What people and activities energize me? Make me feel depleted?
What do I see as the purpose and meaning of life?
What is my life’s mission?
If I could sum up my life to this point in one sentence what would I say?

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One response to “Writing Prompt Exercise: Self-Awareness

  1. I like that this piece is a very comprehensive description of the different types of PLOTS. As I think about my own blogging I will keep in mind some of the finer points of getting my audiences attention and holding it. There is a method to writing well. Thanks, Britney

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