Connecting With Your Characters

By Britney Pieta
            We often hear to truly understand another person you must: “put yourself in their shoes.” In order to write stories with great depth and richness, it is important to become your characters…even though in reality they are just figments of your imagination. Here are some things to remember to help you get more connected with your characters.
1.        Let each of your characters take you by the hand one at a time and show you their inner worlds. It is important to let them lead the way. In this way your story or novel will literally write itself.
2.      Spend some time getting to know each of your characters: write your own character persona of everything that makes them unique. (ex. personality traits, moods, temperament, likes/dislikes, habits, goals, places they like to hang out)
3.      Watch how “Character A” interacts with the other characters. Are you making sure “Character A” is being true to the persona you initially described for him/her? It is ok for your character to evolve over time as he/she grows but it is important for it to come about naturally.
4.      Lastly while it’s ok to use examples from your own life (most of us write out of our own life experiences) for a character that is similar in traits to yourself, “Character B” deserves a chance to let himself/herself be their own character and it’s ok to go beyond what you know sometimes.

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