4 Ways to Get Your Imagination Engine Started

    By Britney Pieta

     Using your imagination is more than for movie characters like Willy Wonka or Walt Disney. In someone’s imagination is where every creative piece ever written, sung, or acted out first originated. Here is something to help get your imagination engine started for writing…

1.       Practice daydreaming.  Studies show that people who daydream are highly imaginative and creative people. It is a great way to imagine all sorts of humorous kinds of scenarios that could play out when trying to solve a problem. It is also great for writing dialogue and drama when thinking of all the possible ways characters will interact with each other.

2.       Write down your dreams you have at night. Dreams are one of the bridges to creativity. They are the way some inventions are born. They also may also help you practice using symbolism, similes, analogies, and metaphors in your writing because your writing has many different layers and hidden meanings.

3.       Practice abstract thinking.  Abstract thinking is a higher form of thinking that will enable you to make new connections and insights from ordinary events, objects, and previously conceived ideas that will let your writing have a life of its own and give it freedom and room to express itself in any way it chooses.

4.       Don’t be afraid of Pandora’s Box. (aka your mind) There is no reason to be afraid of brain storming. If you practice pouring all of your thoughts on paper or a computer (whether it seems silly or exciting) you can find at least one thought that could become something great and inspiring. Usually whatever comes first to your mind is a good way to start a writing project because it is letting your mind flow freely.


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