Nature Exercise Writing Prompt

By Britney Pieta

Here is a writing exercise in honor of spring that is just around the corner— that may help you understand yourself better (your personality) and the way you would like others to treat you. This is not only for us women! 😉

If I were a flower I would be….

  1. What color would I be? (ex. reds and oranges stand for bold personality, purples and pinks for sensitive personality, blues and yellows for cool and calm personality, white for purity and innocence)
  2. Do I prefer full sun, partial shade, or complete shade? (full sun represents thriving on a lot of positive energy such as  love, happiness, inner joy)
  3. How much water would I need? (represents how often you need to be refilled and refreshed from periods of stress)
  4. What kind of soil do I thrive in? (represents your  environment.  Ex. Well-drained soil-you like balance, fertilized soil-you need a lot of love, thin soil-you can hold yourself together on your own pretty well, thick soil-you need a lot to keep you together)
  5. Do I need a lot of care or do I grow better with no care and no daily maintenance? (Do I prefer independence-no maintenance or dependence-lot of extra care, do I prefer solving problems on my own or others helping me? Do I need a lot of attention or no attention?)
  6. What kind of shaped petals would I have? (am I sharp edged-square, pointy/ or soft edged-circle, oval? Do I have a thick skin or thin skin? Do I love to stand out-big petals, or do I prefer to remain unnoticed-small petals?)
  7. How many layers to my flower head would I have? (many layers means you have a complex personality, one layer means you are very easy to figure out)
  8. Would I be surrounded by other flowers in clusters or would I desire more space to myself? (Am  I introverted-space or extroverted-clusters? Do I need a lot of social time or alone time?)

Now take the time to put all of the pieces together and describe your inner flower…

(And maybe even draw your own personalized flower of yourself.)

Ex. I am a purple flower, who prefers partial shade, watered often when dry but not over-watered, some fertilizer, somewhat high maintenance, circular thin small petals, many layers, a few clustered flowers but spaced a few inches apart.



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2 responses to “Nature Exercise Writing Prompt

  1. Very interesting exercise. Since I am a serious gardener I will definitely do this exercise and let you know my experience. Great idea.

  2. dupagewriters

    I am in love with gardening and I have been studying annuals, perennials, and shrubs the past few weeks. I just started to love it last year, so I applied for a gardening job at Gardener Connection that I could work 8 months of the year in. 🙂

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