The Publishing Process as a First-Time Author

By Britney Pieta

             I just published my first book in December 2012. It was a very long and difficult process, but the reward of seeing my finished work in my hands is amazing. It was worth all the pain and effort! But I would gladly help anyone to avoid making some of the same mistakes I did. I had about six different editors work on it over the past three years including myself. Getting my illustrator motivated to start working on the pictures and finish them was also a challenge. You will want to find an illustrator that is devoted to you and your book, has the time to work with you, will stick to your plan, and meet closely enough to your deadlines.

What I would have done differently: (some of these mistakes are actually quite funny!)

  1. It is best to stick with an editor that works for the publishing company. In the end, you won’t have to  combine everyone’s style into their style. “Editing is not an exact science,” so be prepared for the very different styles of editing.
  2. I would have made sure my illustrator knows exactly how I wanted the pictures to look—down to the smallest details. Also, I would not pick someone to help with the colors who is partially color-blind. (Or else they will give you green hair without realizing it!)
  3. I would have added a “Thank You Section” for those who helped me write and make the book.

So now to include a few things I did right….

  1. Three years of persistence made me appreciate the hard work that goes behind the scenes for a writer.
  2. I didn’t let my pride get in the way in perfecting my book’s manuscript.
  3. Even though I couldn’t find an agent for my book—self-publishing has its own blessings and advantages.


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4 responses to “The Publishing Process as a First-Time Author

  1. Congratulations for the persistence to complete your vision of writing this book. It must be very exciting to have it in print and in the marketplace. I tried to order it from Amazon, where I have a credit and the message was they had no supply of your books. Can you correct this? I am working on my first book. My take away from your experience is; “git er done!” . Stay focused and determined to finish what you start. At this point I plan to self-publish, and when the job is done I will let you know. All the best.

    • dupagewriters

      Hey Uncle Dennis! Thanks. You have to go on the right hand side where it says “6 new from $14.41.” That way you can order from one of those 6 sellers that are selling it.

    • dupagewriters

      It may be that you shouldn’t choose the Amazon seller this is listed among the 6 sellers. If you look below you will see that the other sellers have it. 🙂


    Good luck Britney and much success. O.A. Manno


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