7 Christmas Card Poetry Ideas

By Britney Pieta

            Most of us are used to sending hundreds of Christmas cards to family and friends every year. It can become a boring routine, but why not do something special and make some by hand this year? Creating a hand-written card can be done at any age and can become a great keepsake for your family or friends.

In  “Pinocchio’s Christmas” there is a beautiful song about the power of poetry:

“Put your love in a  poem….roses are red…put your love in a letter…words never said…whisper love when you feel shy…sing of love and the world will cry…save your love for a present…give it away…the perfect gift for Christmas day.”

So here are some ideas for starting a heartfelt poem for someone you love: (remember honesty and simplicity is the best !)

1.     Share your favorite Christmas memory with the person (can be humorous or silly too).

2.      Replace a well-known jingle tune with their name and slightly different wording.

3.      Tell the person what they mean to you (even the mushy stuff).

4.      Make a list and thank the person for what they did  throughout  the year.

5.      Share the parts of Christmas you associate with them.

6.      Draw a picture to go along with the poem.

7.      Write the words “I love you,” over and over.



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2 responses to “7 Christmas Card Poetry Ideas

  1. Great idea to craft your own Christmas cards; Britney, your ideas can help make a personalized card come alive rather than the same, worn out messages of Christmases past. In addition to the possibility of literally buying card stock and creating your own card, you can have the convenience of a low cost on line tool to customize your message, add a picture and have the company address and mail a real card for you, if that appeals to you. It’s inexpensive too. If you are curious, please check out this web page: http://www.sendoutcards.com/121369

  2. dupagewriters

    I remember this website because you told me about it once before. Cool stuff!

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