Using Compound Words and Alliteration to Create Quotes and Puns

By Britney Pieta

            In school we learn a lot about the different parts of words to help build our vocabulary. You have probably heard of prefixes and suffixes by now. In subjects such as science and medicine, these are added to root words to help define the term and categorize them.  Writers can have fun with them too. Here are two short exercises to get you going. The first one is using compound words and the second one is using a form of alliteration. Enjoy!

Exercise 1   Steps:

1. Take one compound word and divide it into two words.

2. Then make a sentence using those two now separate words.

3. Take a moment to admire the quote or pun you have just written.

4. Go create more!

Example  1: beloved= be love.

· “God calls us his beloved because he wants us to emanate and be love for others”.

Example 2: breakfast= break fast

· “I want to eat breakfast, so I guess now I’ll break my fast!”

Example  3: carefree= care free

· “Whenever I do something good for others, I care about others for free”.

Exercise 2 Steps:

1. Take two alliterative words that both start with the same letter and are close in   spelling but have different meanings/ definitions.

2. Now create a sentence using the two new words.

3. Take a moment to admire the quote or pun you have just created.

4. Go create more!

Example  1: bitter/better

· “Sometimes painful moments that taste bitter, can be actually better for you.”

Example 2: last/lost

· “The last time I got lost in a book was when I was reading the book upside down.”

Example 3: mess/message

· “When you clean up your life, your mess becomes your message.

Example  4: test/testimony · “The greatest trials and tests you face can someday be included in your testimony.”


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