Write Your Own Inspirational Quotes Exercise

 By Britney Pieta

            There is a writer inside all of us. You may have read some famous quotes by well-known people and wondered to yourself, “How did they come up with that? I wish I could say something that eloquent and smart.” The truth is…you can! Sometimes all it takes is someone to get you started with an idea and then you can fill in the rest. Below are some templates of the backbone of a quote. Try your hand at some of these and see how you can sound like someone famous—you’ll be surprised at how easy and fun this is! You’ll be sure to impress your friends and family with your wisdom.
1.      Life is like___
Ex. “Life is like an endless journey, we are all trying to get somewhere better than where we are right now,” Britney Pieta
Ex. “Life is like a box of chocolates,” Forest Gump.
Ex. “Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs,” anonymous.
2.      I have found that if you ___
Ex. “I have found that if you are facing a dark time in your life, all you have to do is turn the light on,” Leroy Kattein.
Ex. “I have found that if you give love to others it is bound to come back to you,” anonymous.
3.      When___is ___that is when you__
“When it feels like God is very far or distant, that is when he has the opportunity to really be the closest,” Britney Pieta.
“When times are hard, that is when you need to get on your knees and pray,” Britney Pieta.
4.      If___ then ____
Ex. “If God is for us, then who can be against us?” Romans 8:31
Ex. “If life hands you lemons than make lemonade,” anonymous.
5.      Don’t/never___unless you__
Ex. “Don’t look down upon someone, unless you are helping someone up,” anonymous.
Ex. Never say “No,” to something unless it’s to something morally wrong,” Britney Pieta.
6.      __without___is____
Ex. “Life without love is meaningless,” anonymous.
Ex. “Life without adding humor every now and then makes life bleak,” Britney Pieta.
Everyone has a unique way of looking at life so anyone can write a good quote and be quoted years later down the road!


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6 responses to “Write Your Own Inspirational Quotes Exercise

  1. “Let us begin to believe that a new Declaration of Independence can be achieved by a new generation of patriots. Let freedom ring.”

  2. dupagewriters

    That is good Uncle Dennis! Thanks for participating! 🙂

  3. You are very welcome. I want to go down in history for this one. This is my challenge to your generation. Demand a government that works, not a government that controls everything we do. Too much regulation; it is way out of hand.

    Best regards,

    Dennis J. Deegan

  4. Your Mind Is Your Muscle, If You Wanna Be Strong You Gatta Work It Out.
    -kadda sheekoff-

  5. bhavani tejaswi

    “Always think to learn from others,every person have good qualities in his. so,we should learn good from others”
    -Bhavani Tejaswi-

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