Using Puns for Your Story

By Britney Pieta

 Adding puns can make writing fun, give it more variety, and make it more colorful by playing with words. Adding  humor gives people different ways to look at things. This helps people to enjoy and savor your words.

Below are a few ways to add puns into your writing:

  1. Using clichés- Put a new twist on cliches
  • · Ex. “You are what you eat.” (“If we are what we eat, I don’t want to all be JUST potato chips!”)
  • · Ex. “Buy one get two free!” (my dad used this to describe having triplets)
  1. Use a  cliché  and elaborate on the literal meaning
  • · Ex. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” can literally give you good health
  • · Ex. “You eat like a pig!” which means you may literally eat as much as a pig does or in a pig’s manner
  1. Use words homonyms -words that sound the same yet have different meanings.
  • · Ex. “Can you picture what that picture looks like?”
  • · Ex. You turn right on that street right?”
  • · Ex. With a person’s name—“Hey Paige can you turn that page?”
  • Ex. “We will hedge our bets on that hedge fund.”

Now it’s your turn! Create some funny puns and see how fun writing can be!


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