DuPage Writers Group Publication Party Review

By Britney Pieta
      On the evening of June 18th at the Carol Stream Public Library, members of the DuPage Writer Group, NFP read their works from this year’ s literary journal: “Possibilities 2012”! The place was full. It was very enjoyable to see the variety of writing styles and the different pieces, all unique and beautiful in their own way.
The following is a list of those who read and the title of their writings:
Christine Seagrave read a poem, “To Veterans Everywhere and Those that Care About Them”
Carol Neumann read a poem, “I Forgot to Knock on Wood”
Maxine Ledford read a non-fiction piece, “ Saving the Hibiscus”
Natalia Toreeva read a poem , “The Cliff
Beth Orchard read a poem, “Place”
Mark Donovan read a memoir piece, “The Vice ( as in immoral) President”
Rich Keyworth read an essay: “Water”
Mike Gebhardt read a poem, “The Mountain Calls for Me”
Jim Palmer read a poem, “Water- Maui Hawaii”
Vince Manno read a short story , “The Blue Bowl”
Rose Calkins read a memoir piece, “Hide and Go Seek- The Prodigal”
Carole Ellermeier read a poem , “Rural Free Delivery”
Britney Pieta read a poem, “Jesus Intercedes for You.”

If you did not get the chance to come to the publication party, you may still buy the journal at: https://dupagewriters.wordpress.com/. Scroll down the page and you will see it. They are selling for $13.00 plus $2.00 shipping. You can pay by paypal or by check. Please check out our website for enjoyable upcoming events and readings. We start-up our new writing season this September. Come join us at one of our meetings and experience the joy there is in creating your own writings!


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