10 Simple Affirmations for Writers

10 Simple Affirmations for Writers
By Britney Pieta

Affirmations are positive statements that will ignite your writing. They are food and water to your soul. These words will eventually become a part of you after saying them every morning and night or whenever you have time to reflect. They are wonderful to say to yourself especially before you begin your writing to encourage you and give you a great start. Try any of these or read some more on the links below. Enjoy!

1. I have something unique and special to say.

2. My writing is inspired.

3. Inspiration for my writing flows to me from everywhere.

4. Images and words come easily when I sit down to write.

5. When I get out of the way, the words flow easily to the page.

6. I write daily with excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence.

7. Writing brings me inner peace.

8. Readers will love my true voice.

9. Everyday, in every way, I’m getting better and better as a writer.

10. Writer’s block is NO match for my desire to get my thoughts into writing!

For more affirmations read some from the links below:

Taken from: (http://theaffirmationspot.wordpress.com/tag/writer-affirmations/ http://www.debgallardo.com/virtuoso/161/the-writing-life-writers-affirmations/)


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  1. ebondreams

    I need this. Thank you!

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