7 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

7 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

By Britney Pieta

Most people seem to get stuck at some point when they write…

Some describe it as, “I hit a brick wall that I couldn’t get past.” Or “I reached a dead end.” Or “I can’t get my mind’s wheels turning.”

Being able to let your creative juices flow is important if you want to get anywhere with writing.

2 Quotes that have inspired me from “The 12 Step Life Recovery Devotional”

book by Stephen Arterburn: “A book is written word by word and line by line.”

“ Success comes inch by inch, stroke by stroke, step by step.”

So here are my ideas for getting your writing going. You can try one, all, or use your own special ways to do this. Have fun!

1. Change your format of writing: You might be better at writing in one format than another, but you never know where your writing will lead you. So just let it grow and transform and let your inner writer take you wherever it wants to go. (ex. if your piece starts off as a poem but it becomes a short story or vice versa)

2. Brainstorm: This is taught in school but is useful in real life. If you can’t think on your own, have another person brainstorm with you. It is said that, “Two heads are better than one.” Make a list of topics to write about and then branch out into specifics. (ex. a house—memories/special occasions, people, pets, seasons, food, sounds)

3. Go people watching: Observe people in their natural surroundings. Sometimes little gestures a person makes or part of a conversation you hear while someone is talking can spur on other ideas. Bring a notebook wherever you go, so you can write it down right away and won’t forget. (ex. zoo, mall, park, ice skating rink, Starbucks/Panera Bread)

4. Read a lot: Some of our ideas can come from things already published. Often you can find a new way of looking at something and add your own unique plot. In the Bible it says, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”(Ex. “Spindles End” book—a different version of “Sleeping Beauty” or the show “Smallville” based off the original Superman series)

5. Add to projects you are already working on: Sometimes if you can’t think of something new you can just work on something already started. It’s sometimes better to finish what you have started and concentrating on just one thing because then your mind won’ t be going off in a million different directions. (ex. novel, short story, screenplay)

6. Relax—Try not to think too much as you write because it stops the flow. When you are relaxed the words flow better because you aren’t worrying and having racing thoughts as much going through your head as you are writing. (ex. try meditation/yoga, walking/jogging, nature music, drinking tea/hot chocolate)

7. Continue later—If you start something but can’t finish continue where you left off some other time. Sometimes your inner writer needs to spend some time soaking in and taking in life. “God didn’t make the world in a day,” so you don’t have to rush the process. (ex. take a break, set certain goals for each day–word count)



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5 responses to “7 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

  1. Can you give an example of #1?

  2. I find where I write sometimes make a difference. Sometimes before bed I write in a journal and reflect on my day. My favorite, I think, is the Library. We have a gorgeous library and I have a sunny, space with a picturesque scene out the window. Perfect for lighting my imagination. I have a round table that is usually open when I go. I get comfortable and place my lap top on my lap and relax and write.

    I like your idea of ‘reading a lot’ to stimulate your idea flow as well. All I need sometimes is a special quotation that I find by chance; some moment of concentration from a stranger to get me going. Here is one for you: “Truth without questioning is false”. Good writing.

  3. My mother used to say, when I told her I wasn’t hungry, to eat and your appetite will come. The same applies to writing. When “you hit a brick wall” start off with an idea and before you know it that wall will wash away like the lack of appetite.
    Always write with your heart–not your mind.
    O.A. Manno

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