4 Ways to Reveal Setting in Your Story

4 Ways to Reveal Setting in Your Story

By Britney Pieta
(Source: Professor Tammie Bob, Fiction Class, COD, Spring semester of 2010)

Setting can be defined according to Google as: “The place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place.”

Setting Includes:

Locale—place of where the characters meet. ex. café, library, church

Weather, atmosphere, air quality—ex. rainy, fog, humid

Season—ex. spring, summer, fall, winter

Time of day—ex. morning, noon, evening

Era—ex. Roman, Elizabeth, Victorian

Social environment—ex. loud, crowded, noisy

1)  Reveal setting through motion. (action verbs—dancing, strolling, jumping)

2)  Reveal setting through a character’s level of experience. (ex. where the character grew up—suburb, urban, country)

3)   Reveal setting through the mood of your character (feelings—love, pain, sick; emotions—happy, sad, angry; attitudes: positive, neutral, negative

4) Reveal setting through the senses. (sight, hear, touch, taste, smell)


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