Cabin Fever

“Cabin Fever,” by Tom Montgomery Fate Public Reading Event

Tom Montgomery Fate is the author of “Cabin Fever.” Published in 2011 and inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden Pond,” he presented his latest work at the Carol Stream Library on September 19th. He read to us from his book a few, but very interesting and fascinating, selected passages from “Cabin Fever.”

Tom Montgomery Fate grew up in Iowa and knows what it is like to work on a farm. He lives in Glen Ellyn but spends a lot of time in a cabin in Michigan which brought about insights during the writing process for his book. His best insights come from writing very early in the morning at 4:30 a.m.

The book demonstrates the author’s firsthand knowledge about the busyness of life from having three children, of learning to live in the tension between the difficulties of living in the present, getting past to-do lists and communing with nature. Like Thoreau he wants to be free from economic need and wants freedom.

Each chapter in his books is a deliberation between different ideals, such as nature vs. religion or technology vs. no technology, time slowing down vs. time speeding up. He adds his own sense of humor in his writing such as when he tried to trim trees by his house, which turned into quite the risk taking adventure!

His book has many lessons for us to take away. Tom Montgomery Fate uses Thoreau’s mantra, “simplify, simplify,” as a way he tries to live life. He believes the small moments are sacred. He emphasizes the importance of not losing faith in the present. He invites all of us into a “new kind of vision in our current culture of more and a deliberate lifestyle.”

If you were unable to attend or are interested in his book you can visit his website for more information at: Or you can buy his book from: Indiebound, Prairie Lights Bookstore,, Random House, and Beacon Press.



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