Insider Lessons from Poetry class

At the end of my poetry class at College of DuPage in 2009 we were asked this question:

“After studying poetry in this class I learned…”

“Record the little moments and photographs of your life and find the meaning. Poems are affirmations of life. Poetry is, “going beyond our feelings and telling someone to come with me in a journey. We write most of personal experiences. We can use analogy, examples, experiences, images from TV, and songs.

One of the most important things I’ve learned and is going to help me now and greatly in the future is the three steps: read, revise, and risk. It said in another podcast, “Read widely and every kind of book. We wish that our first words were our last, but don’t censor yourself. Turn off you censor. Writing a poem is an opportunity for the poem to reveal itself to you, to get the right words in the right order. When you write you find what you didn’t know you knew. It is an emotional and intellectual risk. If you don’t put yourself on the line you will miss out. Don’t be intimated. You can love something without understanding every stroke. This is what learning the basis of the art of poetry is all about.”


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