Writers Publication Party

Carol Stream Public Library Accepts Publication for Shelves

On June 20th, I went to the DuPage Writers Group publication party. This is the yearly event to celebrate all of the members accomplishments. There was around 20 people who attended to either share their stories from the Possibilities Journal or to listen to the readings or do both. I came to listen and the beautiful choices that were read were like music to my ears. Rose Calkins was the first to share her story, “Choosing to Listen, the Yellow Pick,” which started the evening on a good note. A total of around 12 people read to the audience.

What I learned was that everyone has a unique story and only you can tell it. When we share our experiences and perspectives on life we learn new things about ourselves and others.

The Carol Stream Library has been long supporters of us, allowing us to use their space. In the beginning of the evening DWG presented a current copy of our journal to the library for their shelves and it was accepted by board member Pam Loeffler.

There was also a table at the event that had a sign about those who would like to join the writers group. If you are interested in joining or for more information look us up on Facebook by searching with the words “DuPage Writers Group.” 🙂


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    Thanks for such a wonderful blog!


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