Printers Row Book Fair

Building a community of writers

On June 4th 2011, I went to Printers Row Book Fair in Chicago to help sit at the table and to spend time with fellow members of our group. It was really hot but there was a light breeze. At first people were just passing by not really looking at our publication, but then later I saw more people looking through our latest Possibilities Journal and talking to us. Mostly people just came by and took a brochure, so hopefully more people will come to the monthly meetings.

Carol Neumann (Editor of our Possibilities Journal) and I went to see speaker and author Anne Packer at a hotel close to the fair. She discussed her books that have a central theme of loss and grieving. She said, “We all have lost something.” Whether it be a job, pet, person, or relationship; we all have to deal with loss in our lives.

Some tips and highlights of her talk are:
1. Revision is important and getting feedback is important to see what is working and what is not working in your story.
2. Think about character, setting, and conflict when writing. (which can come from your own experiences)
3. Writers Groups are important to go to, to exchange ideas, “alive in the moment.”
4. Your story can change at any time. It is not concrete stone.
5. Length is implicit and shouldn’t be the focus when you write your story.

More insider tips for writing to come, so don’t hesitate to visit this blog again! šŸ˜‰


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